Fact: Old School is the best school

I love any and all vintage things. Old stuff just speaks to my soul. Old paper, ads, type, magazines, pictures, you name it. I am a sucker for retro. Uppercase is a website/design co/blog dedicated to the celebration of the vintage aesthetic. It's a definite stop on my daily blog roll because everything on this site inspires me. I asked my dear BF Martha for the Old School book (designed and published by the folks at Uppercase) for my birthday. It features the work of 80 different designers inspired by mid-20th century education (you know, flash cards, school supplies, lunch boxes, school pictures, etc). It arrived in the mail last week and it is a dream to flip through. It was all wrapped up in white paper and orange ribbon and it came with a cute little pencil. Who doesn't love new school supplies?! Oh my how I want to make neat things like it someday!