I'm a jewelry maker right now

On my journey of trying to find my creative voice/find a new career I decided to take a jewelry making class at Make Workshop. (LOVE this place!) I think I may have creative ADD. I am constantly researching classes and workshops to take. I make so many creative plans in my head of all the various things I'm going to make, but I can never keep up. BUT, I am happy to say the jewelry class was smash hit and I have been making lots of jewelry to give as holiday gifts (recession = budget Christmas). The class, called Memento Assemblage, was taught by Deborah Stein whose jewelry line Bonbon Oiseau is heavenly perfection. It is right up my alley. She uses a lot of vintage charms (love) and a variety of mismatched materials in an off balanced but very cool way. I've never seen anything like her stuff. And to boot, she was one cool lady. I'm inspired by talented women who make a living out of creating beautiful things. I want to be among them.

And who knows maybe jewelry is my calling. Check out some of my first pieces, whaddyathink?