Dreaming of stuffing...

Mmmmm...stuffing. Only 6 days until Thanksgiving. My favoritest (yup, I just made that word up) of all the holidays! I love the eating, the talking and the giving thanks. It's all the fun of Christmas with much less stress. I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving ever (more on that later) and I can't wait. This weekend will be low key, here are some possibilities for what might go down.

- Make holiday wreath to welcome my visitors and mark the start of the holiday season! (will post pics)
-Shop for last minute Thanksgiving tools and supplies (gravy boat? extra casserole dish? do we have enough plates? low-key and cheap-ish centerpiece ideas?)
- Work on my black and white picture wall above red hutch in "dining area" (not a room - we live in an NYC apartment!)
- Bead store for more holiday gift creating (I have a swell idea in my head for sis)
- Slumdog Millionaire (looks great and I'm having one of my movie-theater-popcorn cravings!)
- Work on a couple of ideas I have for my not-real-yet-but-maybe-someday design company
- Get a back massage
- Eat a yummy breakfast