Learning to Sew

Learning to sew is one of those things I want to learn to do sometime in my lifetime. I love the idea of making simple skirts, adorable zippered make up bags, vintage inspired pillows etc. I have tried a few times to learn. In high school I took a sewing class, and remember making a semi-cute quilted pillow. My grandmother also tried to teach my unsuccessfully a few times. I'd love to get a machine now and take a learning to sew class at Make (the PRESHIEST workshop in NYC that has tons of crafts classes, I'm taking jewelry making in a few weeks). But, my new york apartment doesn't have the room for me to set up a sewing area so until I get a huge, extravagant craft heaven like Madame Stewart (see below) I'll just have to dream.

When the time comes I am ready equipped with this awesome sewing book my mom gave me. She wasn't much of a sewer so she passed it on to me. It is totally retro and awesome! I love it.