The Magic of a Music Festival

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Oh, this makes me laugh. But the truth is I am totally a live music person. If it's a band I love, I will put up with all bullshit to be able to take in a live show.  Just this past weekend Matt and I ventured to Cooperstown to go to a John Prine and The Avett Brothers show at Ommegang Brewery. We're always down for beer and live music, and because this is really good beer and live music we decided to make a weekend of it. I tried to plan ahead and  ordered us a cab early in the week so we wouldn't have to deal with driving.  We waited for an hour for the stupid cab to show up. I called and called but they never answered or showed up. We ended up driving and parking and taking the shuttle buses. It was an annoying start to things. The show was outside and it had rained the night before. There were 7500 people there, many of them were drunk on the extra strong beer offerings. The food options were limited and the lines were insanely long. Oh and don't forget about the port-a-potties.

All this is to say the event had shit show written all over it. And as we were riding the shuttle buses over to the concert I thought about Homaroo and how much effort we were putting into going to this show. I thought about a Netflix binge on the couch with delivery food. I thought maybe I'm getting too old for this.

But, hours later after the sun had gone down we had secured a nice not-too-crowded spot with a view of the stage. We had waited in line for delicious almost chick-fil-a-ish chicken sandwiches. We had sampled several of the delicious beers when out of nowhere The Avetts played "In The Garden." I recognized it immediately as the hymn we wanted sung at my older sister's funeral because it was my late grandfather Papa's favorite. But because her funeral was at an Episcopal church and that particular hymn wasn't in the Episcopal song book we weren't allowed to sing it inside the church. It was already such a terrible time for my family and the rule seemed absolutely ridiculous to me. It was the nail in the coffin of my already very shaky relationship with religion. But that's a story for another time.

The Avetts version of the song was just beautiful and it brought me to tears. And at that moment, I was so glad I hadn't opted for the Netflix binge or the couch or the delivery food. The magic of seeing live music is that you get the chance to see something original and just by being there you get to be a part of it. 

So, maybe I'm not too old for this. 

p.s. here's the Avetts performing In The Garden at another show.

To Birkenstock or not to Birkenstock...

That is the question. Something happened the other day and it was kind of a big deal. For the first time since 9th grade (quick math: 20+ years), I saw a pair of Birkenstocks that I kind of wanted. There's no denying the comfort and support of Birks. I've been craving summer shoes that offer a little more TLC to my feet. In NYC you end up waking around so much in the summer and after awhile my regular sandals (which let's be honest are flat as a pancake) start to hurt. BUT. Everyone, and I mean everyone in Brooklyn wears Birkenstocks. It's not like I have to be some fashion trailblazer of footwear I already have a pair of Steve Madden boots that I usually spot 1-6 times per day during the fall and winter months. I also own a JCrew jacket that I see so much it's actually just become funny. But there's just something about Birkenstocks, seeing them everywhere kind of annoys me. They are a bit chunky are they not? And for someone who wears a lot of dresses Birkenstocks seem like a too big slab of shoe weighing you down. But, is it annoying/chunky enough to sacrifice my poor feet? This is the conundrum. Here are the Birkenstocks I mentioned seeing and liking. Something about the shiny metallic takes the "comfortable mom" edge of them or am I crazy?

What do you think? Do you wear Birkenstocks? 

Clutch It

As I've mentioned here before I ended up with seven bridesmaids. It's not surprising seeing as I'm on the older side of things and I've been through many phases on life. I'm also a lady who takes friendship very seriously! So when it came to selecting bridesmaid's gifts I just couldn't get everyone the same thing. I know a lot of people go that route and there's nothing wrong with it I just wanted to pick out something special for each of my bridesmaids, something that represented their uniqueness. I liked the idea of clutches because it was something they could use at the wedding but they certainly didn't have to and it was without a doubt something they would use afterwards. 

I cannot tell you how many different clutches I bought and returned over the months leading up to the wedding. Of all the projects I took on, this one was one of the hardest and most stressful. I really wanted for each bag to be perfect! Meanwhile, we got all the groomsmen the beer of the month club. So. Much. Easier.

At the end of it though, I think the specialized, personal gift is the way to go. It's the same reason I wanted them to pick their own dresses; they are all beautiful and amazing individuals and I really wanted the gifts to reflect that.


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Five Things ///// 6.5.15

This lip pencil because it's the perfect summery pink (recommended to me by my friend, Lesley) and I dropped it in my sister's bag at one of the many wedding events last weekend because I had nowhere to put it and I (tragically) forgot to get it back from her. So she got a free one and I'll be tracking down a replacement this weekend.

This book because I haven't read it, it's on hold at the library and from what I've heard it seems like a fantastic contender for a honeymoon in Hawaii beach read. What do you think? 

BOSTON! Because I'm going to spending a lot of time there in the new future; I'm headed up on Monday for a new freelance project AND I have a wedding there in two weeks. Boston postcard found here

I got married a week ago. Much more to follow on the details of the event but for now just know it was the best weekend of my life and I'm still basking in the afterglow.

These sandals because I wore them to said wedding and not only was I super comfortable, I was able to kick it on the dance floor all night long. And I did.