Holiday Card Giveaway with Minted

When I was in Michael's last week it looked like Christmas had throw up everywhere. Thanksgiving is this Thursday. And of course there's the infamous red cups. It looks like the holidays are upon us, my friends. And that means it's time to start thinking about your holiday cards. As the end of the year gets closer and closer life gets busier and crazier so this year I'm going to try and knock this one tiny thing off of my to do list before shit gets super insane. Won't you join me? Think of how organized and accomplished we'll feel?

When it comes to holiday cards, minted is the only game in town as far as I'm concerned. They have a huge selection of modern, fresh designs that are easy to customize and their customer service is top notch. And they've graciously offered to not only take care of my custom holiday cards but they're also offering a $100 gift card to one of my readers. Man, I sure do love those guys!

Here's some of the highlights from this years fabulous new collection.

The new pet cards are very interesting to me now that I have Bruuuuuuuce to consider.

minted has a wide selection of foil stamped designs and now they have a lovely rose gold option.


Brand new this year, minted is offering letterpress photos cards. The best of both worlds!

FYI, the free recipient addressing that minted offers is so amazing. And it looks great.

So now that we've covered that minted continues to kill it in the holiday card area, let's get to the good part. Winning $100 toward YOUR holiday cards. It's very easy. Visit minted, take a look at all the fabulous offerings and leave a comment here with one of your favorite designs. And if you share this post on Facebook I'll give you an extra entry, just make sure you let me know!

Okay good luck and happy card shopping.  

Meet Bruce

Guess what? We got a dog!

I found him through a rescue called See Spot Rescued. It was started by a woman who I met through working when she told me she had founded a rescue I started following them on Facebook thinking maybe the perfect pooch would pop up. Matt and I have been talking about getting a pit bull mix so when this dog, named Bruce Wayne, popped in my Facebook feed I sent him to Matt and we decided to follow up. I was in LA at the time and when I emailed for information they asked that you wait until you are absolutely ready to adopt and not ask them to hold a dog. So, not wanting to be that person, I didn't apply. The very next day I saw a picture of Bruce Wayne posted on Lena Dunham's Instagram trying to help find a home for him. The post had like 13,000 likes and I thought "well, thats the end of that he's definitely getting adopted now."  A few days later when I was about to head home I emailed on a whim, you know just in case. And guess what? Bruce Wayne was still available. 

An application was filled out. References we called. And before you know it, we were approved and going to Jersey City to meet him. We had an amazing first meeting. He was sweet and smart and super loving and we knew we wanted him to come live with us.

So we brought him home on Saturday. He's adjusting to life with us well and seems to like Brooklyn. He loves snoozing on the couch and he just wants to be where we are whenever possible. And we dropped the Wayne. So say hello to Bruce, the newest member of the #Fergland family. 


Dat Freelance Life

In April of 2010 I quit my full time advertising job to try freelancing. I started started getting gigs almost immediately with my partner as the time and for the most part I've had a steady stream of work ever since. In the past five years or so I've freelanced at tons of agencies, with millions of people (slight exaggeration) on millions of clients (not an exaggeration). I learned that every agency has it’s shit. And there are good things and bad things at each and every one of them. You can get stuck on a bad client at a great agency and vice versa.

Freelancing definitely isn't for everybody. You don't always know when your next paycheck is coming and your schedule is often in flux. But that stuff rarely bothered me. I loved being in charge of when I was working and always going to new places to work on different things kept me from ever getting bored. Freelance was very, very kind to me.

But I said goodbye to that life. Three weeks ago I started a brand new full time job (gasp!) as a Creative Director on JetBlue at Mullen Lowe. That's right, no more freelance for this lady. It's a huge, crazy change but I'm excited for the challenge. And the health insurance.

But only having one ID badge?  Now that's weird.